Grade Solutions is a family owned & operated company with agricultural and construction experience. We are committed to serving our clients and their communities by providing a spectrum of site solutions that offer quick, effective, and environmentally friendly innovative results. Our company enthusiastically partners with clients on projects that require unique solutions. We exist to serve others and achieve "Grander Visions". Four pillars we apply to provide client value are:


We value relationships. People matter! How we serve others and enrich lives is important. Trust is built with integrity. Clients are highly valued and our team members are committed to top quality results. Select and strategic business partners work with us to achieve remarkable enriching results for our clients.


We tap years of diverse partner expertise to provide creative innovative solutions for both agricultural and commercial clients. The unique mix of road building, site development, engineering, and farm development knowledge produce fresh solutions.


We use high capacity late model equipment equipped with current GPS technologies to provide fast and efficient results. Our fleet of trucks, trailers, construction, and agricultural equipment provide quick response solutions for clients.


We are committed to conserving resources. Recycling and reuse of materials provide environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for clients. From farming practices of conservation in agriculture to patents for construction solutions with recycled materials, clients benefit from creative, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.


Grade Solutions services transform agricultural and commercial sites to higher return properties. We know there are many reasons and factors for change. At the end of day, our “turn key” services are solutions to help you make a difference in delivering higher returns on investment.

Agricultural & Commercial Site Development

Agricultural & Commercial Site Development

  • Site Clearing & Grading
  • Sub Surface Irrigation
  • Pond, Lagoon, & Containment Construction
  • Waterway and Drainage Construction
  • Timber Clearing
  • Livestock Facilities
  • Commodity Storage
  • Road Design & Construction
Site Re-Development

Site Re-Development

  • ​Farm Building, Silo, & Grain Storage Demolition
  • Land Reclamation
  • Commercial & Residential Demolition
Recycling, Reuse, & Materials

Recycling, Reuse, & Materials

  • ​Construction Materials
  • Equipment & Metal Recycling
  • Quarry Products


  • “Grade Solutions did exactly as their name says. They provide my building site excavation needs in an efficient and cost effective manner on time, every time!!”


    Building Construction Contractor
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